Our Story

The idea for this soap came about because my sister Penny, whom I call the bravest and strongest person I know, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. Needless to say that was life changing for her, and for us. Part of taking care of my sister included looking at any and all options on the table when it came to making her comfortable and stronger. We left no stone unturned. We exploited conventional medical treatment as well as any homeopathic means we had available. We also relied heavily on our faith and knew that no matter what, that “God had this”. I wanted to treat my sister when she had to bathe or shower, which during chemo, can be a chore. As a result of keeping her from any harsh chemicals, and out of need for keeping things sanitary, I began to experiment with the different soap concoctions. Currently we have four in the line, with an expectation of adding a Sage bar and a Aragon bar in the future. After 3 years, Penney is still fighting and she is still here to inspire us. Enjoy the soap, it came from love.